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Join us

It is expected that individuals will be contactable via email which is the primary method of keeping in touch with members. To join, contact us through our Secretary who will send you details of the next walk.

Prospective members are invited to check out the club by doing an initial walk with us to get to know the group and how it operates. After that they are free to join formally. It is expected that prospective members will have done at least one day walk with us before participating in the residential day walks of 2 to 5 days mentioned above.

Walkers don’t have to register in advance for day walks. They just have to be present at the designated meeting spot in good time for a prompt start at the designated time.

Walk protocols

While walks are carefully planned and described, we all have individual responsibility for making sure we are adequately equipped, and follow the current Instructions to Walkers and Walkers' Responsibilities for Safety on the Trail. Each of us signs an Attendance and Acknowledgement of Risks Form at the beginning of each walk.

     How to become a member   

     Please first read the rules of the association, which include the statement of the purposes of the association.

     Undertake a day walk as a visitor, in order to see if the association is likely to be a good fit for you.

     Then if you desire, submit a formal application, as follows

     In order to become a member, a person shall make a written application to the Secretary of the Association, Joan  Kenny, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., including

  • statement that the person wishes to become a member of the Association
  • relevant background (eg alumnus of Melbourne University, or equivalent academic or professional background)
  • a brief statement of reasons for wishing to join the association
  • statement of support of the purposes of the association
  • agreement to comply with the rules of the association
  • contact details of name, phone, email and mailing address
  • signature (not required for email applications)

     The Committee shall consider the application, and the Secretary will respond. 

Membership Fee

Currently $30.00 for the calendar year and payable on or before the date of the March walk of each year. This will rise to $35.00 for the 2020 year. Members will be advised of mechanisms for payment.

We are affiliated with Bushwalking Victoria (BWV). Our annual membership fee includes a levy for BWV’s insurance cover for members of affiliated groups.